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Fund Raisers & Promo Items

Fundraisers of all types

There are so programs available to help your team or organization raise money and Navaroli Enterprises can help in many ways. Check out our fundraising page for more details. 

Discount Cards

One of the best ways to make up to 90% profit, discounts cards are a true win-win-win situation. Your program wins by making money on every card sold. Those purchasing cards from your program win by receiving discounts at 16-20 restaurants and shops in your area. Those participating businesses win by bringing in more customers to their establishment. Card programs are available for any size programs.

As a local distributor for ABC Fundraising, Navaroli Enterprises has access to a variety of programs that can help your group make money. From Auntie Anne's soft pretzels, cookie dough and other snack sales to scratch off cards and spinner programs, cotton candy and candles, pizza, popcorn, even flower bulbs, custom flip-flops and more, Navaroli Enterprises can provide organizations of any size a variety of ways to raise money.

Other Programs

Cookie Dough Sales
Spinners Sales
Snack Sales
Custom Magnet Sales
Coffee Sales
Scratch Card Sales
Pizza & Sandwich Sales
Gummy Bears & Candy Sales
Many more options